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About Me

I am Dr Mahesh Hukmani from India. I am an Eye Surgeon By Profession and Now much into Preventive Health care and Other Alternative Therapies.
I am also the Inventor of the Diagnostic Called Jv-Scan, that is Helpful in Actually Preventing Diseases From entering your Body, as Per W H O Guidelines.
I am an Eye Surgeon by profession and did my MS in ophthalmology from the prestigious S.M.S Medical college and Hospital Jaipur ( Raj.),India in 1998.                     
I practiced  till 2008, and jumped into the  field of Research with Quantum Physics and Vibration Medicine as my choice.
I developed a new concept called Scalar energy Pyramid in Early 2010 and Tested the same for its Anti radiation Properties and its ability to improve the immune status upon the Human Body with excellent Results as evidenced by PIP SCAN, Aura Photography, Aura Scan etc.
Later on I also developed Scalar Energy Brass Balls for alleviation of pain especially Joint Pains.
Planet Healers was Founded by me in Nov 2011 to carry out further Research
My Research in Vibration Medicine went on until one day I managed to develop a New Modality of Early Diagnosis that aids in  Disease Prevention using Voice analysis, called Jupiter Voice Scan or JV-SCAN, as a new Holistic approach &  treating the human body deficiencies in the form of Pure sound frequencies named by me as HEALING CODE THERAPY.
Jv-Scan: A New Diagnostic Modality for PREVENTION OF DISEASE:
·         Requires a 30 Seconds Voice Recording only
·         FULL BODY Scan in 30 Seconds
·         The Only Diagnosis Tool in the History of Medical Science that  Identifies the Following in Just one Click:    
1.      Imbalances In: The Chakra System.
2.      Imbalances in : The Meridian System.
3.      Imbalances in the 5 Elements System  
4.      Neurotransmitter imbalances 
5.      Amino acid Imbalances 
6.      Protein Imbalance 
7.      Vitamin Imbalances 
8.      Hormonal Imbalances 
9.      Imbalances of : Minerals , Ions, Electrolytes In the Blood 
Finally, The  Prediction of disease Outcome, with specific list of particular set of Organs as a result of these Imbalances if not Corrected In Time.
Apart from this Jv-Scan also recommends the Following for Treatment  based on the nature of Missing Frequencies:
  1. Corrective Sound Frequencies
  2. Bach Flower Recommendations
  3. Aroma Oil Recommendations
  4. Color Recommendation
  5. Crystal Recommendations
  6. Brain Wave Recommendation

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