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#preventivehealthcare is the future of #medicine

Jv-Scan- The New Age Diagnostic

Jv-Scan- The New Age Diagnostic: JV-Scan is a new Diagnostic Tool in the History of Medicine as per the Guidelines and Standards Laid down by W H O for achieving Disease Prevention. Till date Allopathic Traditional System of Medicine has ruled , with an array of Diagnostic tools and Treatment options; Drugs/Surgery. It’s a Part of Curative Diagnosis, that is …
Planet Healers has Proudly Introduced a New Healthcare App for Wellness and Disease Prevention.

In this Era of Digitilization where u can order food, Apparel, Electronics, and almost anything, I knew Health care will also be Digitalized One day.

Presenting to you: The Health care App, that's Not only your Best Friend For Health But Also your Family Doctor Ever.
No More Hospital Visits. 
No More Painful Lab Tests
No More Expensive Diagnostics
No More Medication.

Gone are the days of the family doctor who knew our medical history and likely that of our parents. We have entered a new era of self-responsibility, where the onus of maintaining and realizing good health is in our own hands. It is up to us as individuals to listen to our bodies' messages and restore balance with the growing wealth of available complementary modalities, of which Sound Therapy is one. Healing Code Therapy is a powerful yet non-invasive therapy that encompasses the mental, emotional, physical and energetic dimensions of our health in bringing us back into balance. Through channeling energy through sound frequencies, the practitioner will help the client become aware of their own needs and help facilitate the healing process. If you have any questions or would like an appointment, feel free to get in touch with me. Visit