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“Sound is  the Primordial force of the Universe and is the future of Medicine.”
Sound Healing is the Appropriate use of Caliberated Sound Frequencies to the Human body mind and soul to achieve a state of  Harmony and Balancing
The Application of  Carefully Calibrated Set of Sound Frequenciesto the Human Body in order to bring it back to the state ofHarmony & Balance is called Healing Code Therapy.
It is an Advanced system of using Sound-wave frequencies to deal with Frequency imbalance & Trapped Emotions.
An advanced wellness concept which helps to Indirectly  prevent your future diseases from manifesting into the Body.

Each session of Such Sound Frequencies provides a carefully calibrated set of frequencies designed to treat a specific disease or condition only at the Emotional Level.
Why Healing Code Therapy?
 It is Painless
 It is Affordable
 It is Non Invasive
 It is Highly Specific
 Has No Side Effects.
 Effects are Immediate
 It is Compatible with any other forms of Therapies like Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic etc.
Science Behind Healing Code Therapy ( H C T )
It is based on the Einstenian Model of Vibrational Medicine & Attempts to treat with Pure Sound Energy
Benefits of H C T
Immediate, Non Invasive Delivery of Sound Frequencies to the body.
Remarkable Improvement in the Aura.
Improved Blood circulation
Strengthening of the Immune System by Reorganizing DNA/RNA
Transition towards a higher vibrational  frequency state.
Increase in the Number of stem cells which aid in healing.
Scientific Evidence
By Aura Scanning: Symmetrical Aura Pattern with more of Green/yellow/white colours
By Aura Video
By Pulse Oximetry: Improved oxygen saturation & Decreased Pulse rate evident
By Stem Cells: There is a Significant Increase in the Number of Stem Cells.
How does H C T work?
When the Therapy is Introduced, The Emotional Body Converts these Vibrations into sensations & passes them to the Physical body, completely dependent on the organ or system showing Missing Frequencies.
Prescribed HCT: How to listen?
Find a place in your House where you will not be disturbed.
 Switch off your Mobile Phones/Tv sets
 Take a few Deep Breaths to Relax your Body & Mind.
 Put on Your Head phones & start Playing.
 Listen only twice daily Max with each session not More than 20 Minutes.
 Kindly take your First Session Early Morning with Empty Stomach & Drink a plenty of Water after each session.

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