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Medical Meditation is a new set of Guided Meditation series that is already transforming lives.
Do you wish to Learn more?
Join me in a 3 hour On line Workshop as I explain the basics of the centralized process that works smartly to keep us sickness free and also how to activate it in a 4 step approach towards creating a new generic imprint.
"Your 28 Days to a sickness free life."
Take away's:
-A sickness free Blue Print
- 4 tracks one each for a week.
Facilitated by: Dr Maheish
Call : 9915113266

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#jvscan: 30 seconds of Voice analysis can reveal a list of Diseases that one may have in recent future.
Get your Jv scan done today.
For on line appointments: +91-9915113266
Download Jv scan:  the Android based app on Google Play. Register, click on the Icon, record your  voice and send.